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DOLILU Wind Biasing Analyses

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. personnel support SLS Flight Mechanics in the analysis of algorithms used to account for flight day atmospheric variations. Using winds measured prior to launch to update the design of the SLS boost stage trajectory, as well as for subsequent simulations feeding Go/No-Go decisions based on vehicle constraints, ensures that the SLS operates within its design constraints. DCI personnel use historic measured wind data and trajectory Monte Carlo simulation tools to model and assess these pre-flight processes. Parameters that are set in the design process, including the winds to bias the trajectory, the size of additional “Knockdowns” applied when making Go/No-Go calls, and the timeline for trajectory design and simulation checks, must ensure the vehicle meets constraints on the vehicle as well as the desired launch availability. The results of this work are critical for understanding how the current design for SLS will perform as an operational vehicle as well as for guiding the development of the actual procedures and systems to be used on Day of Launch.

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