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Liftoff and Separation Analysis

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. personnel support the SLS Liftoff and Separation Dynamics Team (part of MSFC’s EV40 Flight Mechanics & Analysis Division).  This support involves modeling and analyzing the SLS trajectory and dynamics during liftoff and separation events.  The team uses CLVTOPS, a multi-body rigid/flexible dynamics simulation based on the TREETOPS simulation, to simulate the liftoff and separation events.   The liftoff analysis includes performing Monte Carlo statistical analysis, predicting the clearance of the vehicle to the ground structures, and determining if a fly-away maneuver will be required to ensure the vehicle does not recontact the launch tower.  The separation analysis includes performing Monte Carlo statistical analysis of the separation events, predicting the clearance of the separating parts of SLS, and analyzing the effects of various separation system failures.  Liftoff and separation analysis are critical to SLS, as recontact during liftoff or separation could lead to a loss of mission or a loss of crew.  Previous work includes modeling and simulating the Ares I and Ares I-X launch vehicles, and using Ares I-X flight data to provide simulation validation evidence for CLVTOPS.


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